Dish Network Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Dish Network Services

Advantage #1. You get more digital channels for the same price, you get all the free features such as TiVo, up to 4 tv connections, free installation, and more.

Advantage #2. Dish Network cost about half the cost of traditional cable services and it seem like the taxes and surcharges are much lower. Also your bill is easier to understand and it can be viewed via the Internet. You can track all your viewing fees, pay tv fees up to the very minute with real time reporting.

Advantage #3. They provide great instant online and phone customer support – far and beyond the service offered through the big companies. No holding problems, delays, or automated calls.

Disadvantages of Dish Network Services

#1. Sometimes your dish tv goes out during a storm or during high winds. Cable is more reliable in tough, stormy times.

#2. No emergency reliability. Maybe you will never need it but if your dish does go out, you will have to wait longer for service.

#3. You may have to pay extra for your local channels, and almost everyone is watching and demands their local channels. This should be included in all packages, most do come with your local channels.

Research Your Choices.

Make sure to do your due diligence in order to make a wise choice in choosing your cable service. We hope this advice is helpful for you in making a sound choice on your home cable service

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